My Story

I live in New Hampshire with my long suffering wife, two daughters, and cat.  I enjoy writing stories, writing computer software, and making people laugh.

I am a white American male born in 1979. I tell you this because all these things affect how I see the world.

I've tried Catholicism. I've tried Evangelical Christianity. I've tried agnosticism, and am currently trying it again. I'm in search of truth. I'll let you know if I find it.

I blog anonymously because I write about people I know. I always change their names.

To read my story, read these posts:
Chapter 1: In which I introduce myself, and copy the way Winnie The Pooh names chapters.
Chapter 2: In which I am born, and my religion is chosen for me.
Chapter 3: In which I become anxious
Chapter 4: In which I realize there is no twelve step program for people like me.
Chapter 5: In which I am still anxious
Chapter 6: In which I become a "Real Christian" (tm)
Chapter 7: In which the anxiety returns
Chapter 8: In which I find Prozac to be more effective than Jesus
Chapter 9: In which the shit hits the fan
Chapter 10: In which my dear wife wasn't exaggerating when she said her parents were crazy.
Chapter 11: In which we confront the crazy in-laws head on, with little effect.
Chapter 12: In which the use of nuclear weapons has been authorized
Chapter 13: In which the youth pastor's ex-wife is thrown under the bus.
Chapter 14 - In which I accidentally become an Episcopalian.

And it's not over yet...stay tuned for updates!