Guest Posts

I am always interested in guest posts.  The best way to reach me is via e-mail.  Send me a short description of what you would like to post about. 

I am interested in:
  • Stories of spiritual abuse.
  • Experiences with cults.
  • Stories about doubting your faith.
  • Commentary on Christian/church culture.
  • Mixed faith parenting.

However, I'm open to suggestions.  Try to keep it to 1500 words or so.  I reserve the right to edit any post.  I may hold on to your post for a while before I post it.

Along with the content of your post, send:
  • A title.
  •  If you've told me your real name, tell me if I can use it.
  • A brief bio and a picture of yourself (if you choose not to remain anonymous).
  • A link to your blog, twitter feed, or anything else you would like me to promote when I publish your post.

Also, when the post goes up, please create a new post on your blog that points to the guest post here.

Previous guest posts: