Wackjob Wednesday 1/9/13

It's time for another edition of Wackjob Wednesday! Once again, there's a lot of crazy floating around, and I'm feeling the need to make snarky comments about it. Because if I don't, my head might just explode.

Let's get started, shall we?

Add some style to your adult baptism

This link comes to us from @iantgreer. Want to add some style to your adult baptism? Look no further!

"Truly, I am not fit to loosen the straps of her $800 Prada sandles."

Free will makes Mark Driscoll sad

Shockingly, this is the first time Mark Driscoll has been featured on Wackjob Wednesday:

Then... why did he make our minds capable of denying or questioning his existence?  Oh, and way to shame people who are having doubts about God's existence! That's super helpful.

John Piper makes a creepy comment about cleavage
I'm...not even sure what to make of this one. I'm just going to back away slowly.

Profile in wackjobbery: Mark Minnick

This was submitted by Dani Kelley. Note that in this case, the story I'm linking to is not the actual wackjobbery, it's a description of Mark Minnick (in other words, I'm too lazy to do my own profile).

BJU's man at Mount Calvary, Mark Minnick

A choice quote from Mr. Minnick regarding child abuse:

"In this day and age we do have to be careful about...you know, bruising, or causing huge welts when our children have to be in nurseries and go to the doctor and things like that...and you know there are ways you can work around those things, but at the same time don't compromise biblical principles."

John Piper "clarifies" his stand on domestic abuse

Previously on Wackjob Wednesday I posted a video in which John Piper talks about how domestic abuse should be handled. Recently he posted some "clarifications" in which he makes allowances for involving the civil authorities (how magnanimous of him). 

Of course, divorcing the abusive spouse is never mentioned. 

Strange that the original video is four years old? Why the sudden need for clarification? I'm sure it has NOTHING to do with the recent lawsuit against Sovereign Grace Ministries alleging they covered up child abuse. Nope, John Piper would NEVER engage in such Cover Your Ass tactics...I'm sure he would agreed that if his church were sued, the lawsuit must have been preordained by God, and he should just roll with it.

Here are his clarifications

Here's an excellent analysis of them by Dianna Anderson

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