Wackjob Wednesday 1/16/2013

Welcome to another edition of Wackjob Wednesday! There's some weapons grade crazy this week, so proceed with caution! We've got secular stories, religous stories, and of course, it wouldn't be Wackjob Wednesday without His Holiness Mark Driscoll.

Can I buy "shot by NRA member who thought I was a burglar" insurance?

If you are an NRA member, this company allows you to buy "extra protection not found in most homeowners' policies...Criminal Defense Reimbursement is provided for alleged criminal actions involving self-defense when you are acquitted of such criminal charges or the charges are dropped."


I'd imagine that "taking up arms against the government" insurance will soon follow. And in Texas, "he needed killin'" insurance.

You mean the same government that can barely deliver the mail on time?

The people in the "Sandy Hook Truther movement" think the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax by the government. You know, so they can TAKE AWAY ALL THE GUNS.  So were all the OTHER gun massacres over the past year hoaxes too? Or was it just this one? I'm just curious.

Now these truth lovers are harassing a man who aided a group of children who fled the school on the day of the massacre. I can only assume they're using the same PR company as Westboro Baptist "Church".

This man helped save six children and is now getting harassed for it

Famous blogger Mark Driscoll disses other, less famous bloggers

So Mark Driscoll (who blogs here) thinks that bloggers don't get stuff done? That they just pontificate? Well then Mark, what exactly do you think you're doing when you're yammering on from the pulpit every Sunday? Or when you write a book? 

Perhaps he has a specific problem with bloggers blogging about what others (in other words, Mark Driscoll) are doing. Mark, this is called 'criticism'. I would think you would be used to it by now.

Is This Modest? I don't know, but it sure is creepy

Note: this site has been taken down. This link is from the wayback machine. The snapshot of the site was taken on 10/21/12.


This site (which was run by a thirty six year old man) was a blog about modesty. Ok, that's a little weird, but hey, it's just a blog, right?

But the blog also featured a quick review section, who published publicly available pictures of women and men (without their consent), in which the author commented in detail on whether they were 'modest' or not.

These photos included senior photos of teenage girls.


When bloggers Rachel Held Evans and Dianna Anderson got wind of this site, they tweeted the author with some questions as to the legality of posting these pictures without the women's consent. The author assured them there were no issues, but the site (along with it's Twitter feed and Facebook page) disappeared soon after.

See Mark? That's an example of bloggers getting things done.

Yes, but do you take Blue Cross?

They also wrote this book.                                               
This group offers support to grieving families. Cool!

In addition, they will also pray over your deceased love one and offer "prayers of resurrection".

They claim to have nine actual resurrections under their belt.  They also offer training in how to raise the dead.

Ok, so if this is a scam...these people need to die in a fire. End of story.

If they really believe this...well, if you're going to take part of the Bible literally (in this case Matthew 10:8), there are worse verses to pick. 

I mean, I'm not saying I believe them, but hey, if you're gonna dream, dream big, right?

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